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Finding the right product
There is a whole range of insurance products out there and not all can be compared side by side on price alone.   Our tables will help you find the detail that may make all the difference for you.  From excess charges to limitations of cover, we will do our best to let you see any devil in any detail.

Finding the right price
We will always show you the best prices from our lists of insurers.   We never promote any one company over another and we have no incentives, no matter how small to recommend one particular insurance broker.  We charge you no fee at all – our payment comes from the insurance broker for saving them time, staffing, advertising and technology costs.

Saving you time
We always strive to make our quoting system easy to use and to minimise the fuss and hassle you the user may have.  From logging in by using Facebook, to only having to enter your details once to be able to use them for multiple quotes on different insurances – we will keep on trying to help to make your life easier.

Understanding the details
Trying to understand all the costs and detail in a policy can be tricky – especially when you are in a hurry.  We will always try to make sure that every aspect is spelled out in simple terms so you know exactly what you are buying and the costs associated with it.

Being clear and concise
Financials.co.uk is here to help.  No jargon, no terms you cant understand and no abbreviations that leave you scratching your head.

Protecting your privacy
We will never sell on your data, send you unwanted or unsolicited emails, calls, texts or instant messages.  Your data is yours and we respect that.  You can opt in or out at any time from the service we provide to you.


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Thanks for the link guys - I got a very good deal for my motorbike. Will look you up when the car is due to be renewed.

Isaac, Brighton - October 17, 2016

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