Guide to buying car insurance

Here are a few tips to help you along the way to getting a great car insurance deal.

Put someone else as a named driver on the policy
This can seem a bit crazy as it can work regardless of the age of the second driver.  The policy must be in the name of the main driver so its a no go for parents to buy little Jimmy a first car and claim it’s theirs and that Jimmy is just a casual extra driver.  This is called “Fronting” and is illegal.  But if you are married it may well be cheaper to name your spouse, or maybe a brother or sister, even a grandparent is they have reasonable access to use the car.

Pay annually not month by month
This may be a bit obvious but in the majority of cases its cheaper in the long run to pay in one go rather than month by month as there are additional costs for the privilege.  This can run into hundreds of pounds for more expensive policies.

The £££ problem with auto renewing your insurance with the same company.  
Unfortunately there no such thing as a customer loyalty reward in the insurance industry.  You need to check each year what the best quote is.  If you let your insurance auto renew then of course its easier and less hassle, but you could be paying hundreds of pounds extra as there is no incentive for the Insurer to keep you with special incentives, deals or with an eye to being competitive.  If you are money saving conscious then don’t tick or opt for auto renew but come back to and grab a new quote shortly before it’s due to expire – you can reuse your details from last time, just make sure they are accurate and any changes are noted.

Be precise and accurate about your job.
This can make a difference to how the insurer evaluates your risk so don’t be sloppy and make yourself sound like a riskier profession.  For example a Care assistant might pay £800 for a policy but an Assistant Nurse would pay £875 and a Medical Student a whopping £1021

Consider buying Comprehensive over Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT).
Oddly enough you can often find that comprehensive policies are cheaper than TPFT ones even though they give you many more benefits and the insurer is covering damage to your own vehicle that’s possibly your fault.
The main reasons are that 1. Fewer underwriters offer TPFT and so there is less choice to present competitive quotes from, and 2. The brokers like to understand risk and they are working by statistics.  Comprehensive policies can sometimes show that there are less claims made, and possibly for less money.  Maybe its the case that TPFT policy holders are more often involved in accidents for certain cars – but often we have found that comprehensive quotes are cheaper than TPFT.

How far is too far?
Reducing your mileage could be a good strategy – if you say you are travelling 20,000 miles a year then it may be cheaper if you can get that down to 14,000 if you can use a different form of transport.  Don’t be tempted to fake your mileage as your MoT, servicing and of course odometer will be a witness and an insurer can check these in the event of a claim.  As ever you need to present accurate data to them or your insurance could be invalid.   Sometimes people really overestimate their mileage to be safe – see if you can accurately figure out your annual mileage and just have a reasonable extra margin for safety.

Bling is bad
Pimping your ride can cost you in the pocket as extras such as sporty wheels, body skirting, tinted windows and non standard accessories can increase you quote – insurers like standard vehicles and the love extra approved security.

Alarmed and immobilised
This can help you get a better deal – if your car does not have a factory fitted alarm or immobiliser then consider fitting an insurer approved aftermarket device to do this – they do need to be approved as there is data on how effective they are so the insurer can see that they will make a difference.   If your car comes fitted with an alarm and immobiliser then make sure you tick that box when going through the quote.

Excess savings
Changing the amount of voluntary excess you pay (the amount of each claim that you agree to cover yourself) cam make a difference to the overall premium.  It’s a case of trial and error to find out the right amount for you to feel comfortable with in order to both have cover, and in how much you agree to pay out yourself if you need to claim.

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Thanks for the link guys - I got a very good deal for my motorbike. Will look you up when the car is due to be renewed.

Isaac, Brighton - October 17, 2016

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